Wsus client not updating

16-Mar-2020 21:20

On the Domain Controller we will create a OU called Workstations. Right click the domain and create a policy called WSUS Update Policy. On the Group policy management editor, click on Computer Configuration, Policies, Administrative templates, Windows Component, Windows Update. Set Schedule install day as Everyday and Schedule install time as . Double the policy Specify intranet Microsoft Update service location and specify the name of WSUS server ( for both intranet update service for detecting updates and intranet statistics server. Right click Enable Client-side targeting and click Edit.

We will move a client computer called CLIENT into the OU. On the Enable Client-side targeting page, Click on Enabled to enable the policy.

I suppose I should be asking these questions: Thanks for the speedy reply.

Neither of these is desirable in a Config Mgr managed environment and thus the recommendation for disabling automatic updates.

As for the rest of the Windows Update GPO settings, they are meaningless in the context of Config Mgr so it doesn't really matter what you set those to if you disable automatic updates,more from If you choose to create a GPO for WUA, you must configure the Windows Update Server option to point to the active software update point server in the site or location.