Window vista hangs when updating

12-Apr-2020 22:59

Note that neither of these methods installs all available patches, only critical and some important ones.

The preferred method is to use the Windows Update or Microsoft Update from the Start Menu.

There are simply too many possibilities and too much data in the resulting log files to adequately address in a forum setting, though others are more than welcome to provide their own suggestions. John I had a similar issue and got an error code that didn't make sense and there was nothing on-line. It turned out that I shouldn't have left the old Office 2003 software installed when I upgraded to Office 2007, this caused all Windows office updates to fail. I format first HDD and re-install Vista every 3 ~ 6month, and it take you 1~2 hours at most.

So don't be hesitant to do reintall when you find any problem in Windows. If Vista Required a reinstall every 3-6 months there is no way I would ever reccomend it to anyone.

If you keep an up to date antivirus then there is no reason you should have to reinstall so often.

I would suggest thinking of a reinstall as a last resort.

Reinstalling windows is a pain and not only will you have to sit through the operating system reinstalling, but you'll also have to redownload drivers and reinstall programs.

Depending on the devices and program you have, that can take a whole day of work.

It detects that there are updates available, but when I give the command to download, it attempts to and then say it failed. message ID=3052458#3052458If you have any additional recommendations for Jason, please click the reply link and submit your answer.I hope this helps GL;-}Hi Jason, it isn't obvious from your question whether you are explicitly running Windows Update or using Windows Update's Automatic Update feature.