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Zack is also a very good strategist, since the first episode he is shown to be able to make quite good plans that usually succeed or would succeed if an unseen second or third party didn't intervene. Zack has, on two occasions, proved to be an expert in surviving in the wild with little more than the shirt off his back. Soon after he became a grizzly scout became the second highest person there, he also is good at tracking and stealth.In "Lost at Sea", he talks about having got neat hundreds of awards for many things, including saving someone (Cody's) life (despite claims from Cody that it was Zack who landed him in the situation), which, to Cody's dismay, also impresses Bailey very much.In the episode "Books and Birdhouses", Zack is shown as very talented in making things out of wood, in the episode he was top of that class and was his teacher's favorite student.Like his brother, Zack is about four feet tall with short blonde hair at the start of the series and as the series progresses he grows rather fat.When it comes to causing trouble, he seemingly has an affinity for it.Despite his tough-guy attitude, Zack is the more sentimentally attached of the twins.Zachary "Zack" Martin (Dylan Sprouse), along with his brother Cody Martin, is one of the two main protagonists in The Suite Life series.He is typically the unstudious, outgoing, rebellious, self-centered and often the lazy twin, who is often seen wearing skater clothes.

Olsen to control all twins that have progressed to stage three. Olsen then catches the two sneaking around and tries to capture them, ordering all the twins to get Zack and Cody. Olsen finally captures the twins and they are pinned to chairs in order to complete stage three. The twins are freed and they rush up to their friends, though Dr. Forgess in the episode "Smart & Smarterer." He's the more athletic of the twins and likes to play basketball, baseball, football, and dancing.He still gets D's and doesn't quite care about school life.Zack earns himself and Cody a job their as he used up all his and Cody's money on their student card and Zack works at the smoothie bar while Cody is Towel Boy. Shortly after, he asks Cody for the car which Cody would receive as a gift when going to college, but Cody refuses.He was dating Maya Bennett, a girl whom he met working as a waitress at the Juice Bar on the S. Tipton, but they broke up in the series finale, "Graduation on Deck." Born ten minutes before his identical twin brother, Cody, Zack was born at St. Joseph's Medical Plaza) in Seattle, Washington on a Sunday at am in 1992.

He traveled the nation with Cody and his mother Carey before finally settling into the Tipton Hotel as seen in the first episode of the series, "Hotel Hangout." Zack is shown to have a Swedish heritage; in the episode "The Swede Life", Zack and Cody visit Sweden which they detail as the home of their ancestors.Moved into the Tipton against their will, Zack and his brother Cody are forced to live with the bare minimum in a hotel suite while their mother sings in the lounge several nights a week.

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