Who is miranda crosgrove dating

25-Nov-2020 07:15

” Lil Tay (whose real name could be Taylor), fans out cash and says she is trying to make her “mama proud.” She almost cried in a video message, after her account was reported and taken down.

See the little girl’s plea to keep talking trash right here: Apart from insulting every single person who could ever watch her videos, she also behaves as though she is a millionaire!

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Since she is just a child, we are not even sure she knows what “moving bricks” really means, but this persona she puts on is making people cringe.Her latest song with Chief Keef could be called “Gang Gang” as she has been using the term often in her recent posts. But again, this has not been confirmed, and we really can’t tell if anything this little girl says is legit. See what the Twitterverse has to say about Lil Tay: just reported liltay’s instagram account. while poc CHILDREN are getting shot at — shawnee k.

(@shawneebaeee) April 16, 2018 It’s a mystery why these young “up and coming” rappers are obsessed with actress Miranda Cosgrove and the brand Gucci. This underage rapper seems to be thoroughly impressed with the teen she shares her moniker with.She is even playing herself out to be Miranda Cosgrove and Lil Pump’s fantasized love child!