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is a reference my friend made to this boxing move, where you hide one arm below as you're hitting with the other.

After a while, the forgotten arm comes up in an uppercut.

In the story, the guy has a drug addiction that becomes more apparent, and nothing can really happen until that’s dealt with. She has this idea of what she wants her life to be and is just barking up the wrong tree—a tree that won't ever really deliver that kind of life—and he thinks drugs are gonna help him live the life he wants to live, and so they're both misguided.

I know a lot of addicts—or recovering addicts—or alcoholics, or people who had parents [who were addicted]. A very close friend of mine is a drug addict, and he's relapsed, and I just literally don't know how to deal with it.

The title song went into heavy rotation on MTV, winning the MTV Video Music Award for Best New Artist and putting Mann and the band on the map.

' Til Tuesday followed up that success with two more albums, (1988), works that found Mann writing more and more of the material.

I can't take being your caretaker."I had a relationship with [musician and producer] Jon Brion, and I found that really inspiring because he's such a great musician and he also played music all the time in the house.

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After a year of joining Berklee College of Music in Boston, she dropped out of the college and joined Boston punk band The Young Snakes.Between those two albums, Man struck out as a solo artist a bit, guesting on the 1987 Rush song "Time Stand Still," which went to No. Perhaps it was the number of songs she was writing, and perhaps a taste of the solo life contributed, but in 1990 ' Til Tuesday broke up and Mann ventured out on her own.