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12-Feb-2020 11:46

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What were you two thinking when you were jacking off?

" We looked at each other puzzled by my moms' question.

We got bored with playing video games and Matt asked me if I had any porno magazines. We started to flip through them and before we knew it we both sitting there in our own fantasy worlds jacking off. "Well are you two going to try and explain why you are jacking off in your room Scott? " "Well...not what you think..." "It's my fault Mrs. I asked if Scott had any porno magazines and well..just..." My mom stood there with her arms folded. She exercised, took care of herself and she looked like she was maybe 30 at most. My mom is 5'6", about 110 lbs., long blonde hair and she has some big tits!

We had been friends forever so I guess for some stupid reason it did not feel odd to us. Then she walked over to the bed where Matt was laying and grabbed the magazine out of his hand, which was covering up his softening prick. I was glad I was still covering up my cock, otherwise she would have seen I was still incredible erect! She turned to Matt, "How would I explain this to your parents Matt? I walked in and caught your son masturbating in my sons room along with my son?

Then she would lick the area just under my piss slit which sent wave after wave of intense pleasure up my cock to my brain. Then she said, "You are ready to cum, aren't you Scott? I want you to watch this." Then my mom kept her mouth wide open, resting my red, throbbing prick head on her wet tongue.

She worked her tongue side to side under my prick as she began to jack me off! Come on Scott; blow your wad into your mom's mouth. " Like I needed him to tell me that, my lust, my incestuous lust was over flowing now.

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Once Matt was done unloading his cock into my moms' mouth she got up off of the bed, wiping her lips clean of the remaining drops of cum.

I watched her sliding his cock in and out of her mouth, listening to all the slurping noises coming from her mouth. " I watched my mom licking up his pre cum before she took his cock back into her mouth. " I started to say to myself, 'Do it, cum in her mouth.