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Additionally, she began to recognize the unique position her illnesses put her in.Forster said this made her feel responsible for sharing her story with others – with the end goal of letting people with chronic pain know they’re not alone. And although those years are met with what she says are some regrets, she knows the Shelly Forster of that time was often not reflective of her true character. On the other hand, however, she says she knows the lost relationships proved who would stand by her side through the worst time of her life – and who couldn’t or wouldn’t.However, when the pain worsened and ultra-abnormal symptoms arose, she sought medical attention.Forster walked out of the doctor’s office with an emergency brain surgery scheduled the next day to remove the tumor inside around her cerebellum – the brain’s motor control center, which explained the involuntary movements in the cervical region of her head.Because of the rarity of her disorders, she was referred to medical specialists, many of whom were considered cutting edge in their fields.But, being cutting edge, she discovered, did not equally entail compassion and willingness to advocate for patients.

For some time prior, Forster attributed the consistent headache and preliminary symptoms to stress at her job as a document control specialist for a nuclear engineering company.Dystonia impacts approximately 250,000 people in the United States, according to the American Association of Neurological Surgeons.Despite it being the third most common movement disorder, it is widely un-recognized by the public.With fluctuating medical treatments as doctors attempted to find a perfect medicinal cocktail to treat her pain – all the while attempting to acclimate to these new doses – Forster remembers the first three years of her illness as a fog.

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Many days, Forster’s pain levels were off the charts and she was unable to function.

Forster underwent a surgery which removed the tumor.