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20-Oct-2019 17:29

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In this post, we’ll take a look at several methods that can help you reduce the mystery around getting your first sales by validating the market prior to launch and building a pre-launch email list.If you want to mitigate your risk of your new business, there are two important things you should do before you launch: While there’s no way to guarantee that your store’s launch will be a smash hit, being diligent about these two things will help make sure you’ve got interest and paying customers in your first month online to get help get some traction and momentum going.Browse Amazon best sellers: The first check you should do is to see that the category exists for your product. Having several companies within an existing market validates that people are spending money on this type of product, and that it’s big enough to support multiple players.

Amazon is an excellent source of information because it gives you information on what’s already selling in the real world.The key distinction is that Topsy monitors social networks, so you can actually talk to the people behind the stats and see what they’re saying about it.A quick search for “organic protein” reveals a list of people tweeting about it, including many people who are enthusiastic about the product: Building relationships with these people can give you access to valuable insights and feedback, while creating a community of supporters before you go live. Advertising tools, like the one provided by Facebook, are excellent ways to gather estimates that can help you make better decisions.We’d love to know if this is a product that would help you?!

The service stops invalid numbers from being submitted by checking the phone number is live and will receive a call or SMS message.Aside from looking at the sales of individual products, you can also take a bigger picture view of the product category or industry using Google Trends and Topsy.