Updating the tablet firmware

24-Oct-2020 20:33

updating the tablet firmware-55

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Dear Customer, Thank you for choosing this ARCHOS product.We hope that you will enjoy using it and that it will give you satisfaction for many years to come.That way, you’ll be able to see, by device, when it was updated last.Note: All files are hosted on the manufacturer’s sites or their sites or fileshares.The best bet is to contact whoever you bought it from and ask them for an update. Trust me: you don’t want me creating firmware for you. 🙂 Because the Android TV box market is so big, there are a hundreds, if not thousands, of small sellers that are looking to make a quick sale. To upgrade the firmware, you may not want the manufacturer. Here’s why: After someone buys a bulk shipment of TV boxes, they (maybe) add a custom Kodi build, or hire a developer to make some custom software for it.Then they sell it – usually on e Bay or Craigslist (see above), but maybe on their own website.Ever wonder what goes on inside your Android TV box? Each Android TV box has its own specific set of software, called the firmware.Like any piece of technology, it’s important to keep it updated.

Let me give you an example: My e Bay account has over 1300 positive feedback because its been active since 1998, mostly from things that I’ve bought over the years.

It’s really easy to scam e Bay’s system to get a high feedback.

Just because someone has a high feedback, doesn’t mean they’re a good seller.

This truly miniature multimedia computer running Android™ allows you to download a multitude of applications (Apps), and get the most from the Internet (surf, e-mail, widgets, etc.), just like you do with your desktop computer.

And like your desktop computer, using one of our accessories, you can connect a keyboard and mouse.That’s one of the huge advantages of the Google Nexus line of smartphones. You see, its up to the manufacturer when they want to roll out an Operating System upgrade – if they want to at all. I hate to break it to you, but buying a TV box from someone you met at a local fair, or worse, a random person on e Bay or Craigslist is asking for trouble.