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11-Jan-2020 03:10

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The whole time it was this crap software Asus is bundling with their install CD. i can use wireless normally with other laptops, tablet and smartphones.but on this dell n5110 i have a very low speed i just can down load at 140 kb per second and at the time of downloading with this speed my whole wireless internet doesn't work on other laptops like at the moment i haven't internet on the others!!!!I took more than a week to solve but now I'm happy. After trying many suggestions on the internet I found one that solved my problem.On my case the problem was the security wifi protocol. For me there is no reason to this to work, but solved my problem. I took more than a week to solve but now I'm happy.even on this dell when downloading at 140kb/s i can't even open a website.i update the network driver many times and it didn't work. So I just took part in the Windows 10 Insider Preview a couple of days ago, and I have to say, Windows 10 is a great step up from Windows 8, they did an excellent job so far. At one point after restarting steam, the download went...

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I've uninstalled it now, and Xfast Lan is bringing up an error, but the internet speed is still improved. Running a speedtest before I disabled it I was getting like 1mbs per second download. After I disabled it, the speedtest now shows my download speed being 90mbs. I even went out and bought a new PCI wireless card because I thought my old one was broken with Windows 10/new motherboard.

right after finishing Creators Update my Surface Pro 2 wifi became extremely slow.

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