Updating gallery2

04-Dec-2020 17:04

This allowed the hackers to execute code in Front-Page, also on my server 3. Disabled Port 22 logins except from a single account, which I must use 4. Got a hardware firewall, separate from the server and tightened the ports both in and out to ones I use 12.

The MS-Frontpage code, "fpexe", runs as root and can do anything 4. Look for entries in "suexec_log" in /var/log/httpd indicating that the Apache server executed root commands 3. Look in /home for new user home directories WHAT I DID TO BLOCK THEM IN THE FUTURE -------------------------------------- 1. Disabled password access on SSH, allowing only pre-shared AES private/public keys 5. Turned off all unnecessary Linux services, such as SMTP, MAIL, and BIND 13.

I've done quite a bit of hacking to a number of them, and I don't want to overwrite them all by doing an auto-update.

Best bet is to get a copy of and do a comparison yourself.

The Copyright date of 2012 was the only change in the first 10 files that I checked. Add-on comment: For Mac users (as well as Win and Linux), Diff Merge also works well to find the differences.

Anyone know how to exclude the copyright line from the compare? I updated all the v 3.0.2 files to have the same Copyright Date as 3.0.3 files - after that Winmerge tells me there's 53 files with a difference. I used .*Copyright \(C\) as the ruleset regex in the preferences to exclude from comparison those lines which changed the copyright date. Here are the 53 changed (and new) files and folders I was able to find for which 3.0.3 differed from 3.0.2 (excluding files with only the copyright notice changed).

Is there any way to get a list of the specific files which were changed in 3.0.3 compared with 3.0.2?If I had known any of the markers I'm about to describe to you during those three months, I could have fixed my system before 30 domains went down hard.PROCESS THE HACKERS USED: -------------------------- 1. An over-long URL was sent to the "main.php" module of Gallery 2.0 2. Installed mod_evasive into Apache, to prevent DDOS attacks 11. I have built a gallery with textinput boxes to allow editing values.

Everything works except updating records, i've tried patch command here is my code: Patch('DS', For All(Gallery2.

-- Debian gallery package maintainer Anytime during the holidays would have been a bad time.