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02-Jun-2020 14:16

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The second category (Level 2/Sensors) is where most of the apps have functionality.

In this case, you can use pretty much any trainer you have.

Using one from an older Garmin watch is perfectly fine. ANT on Android device: Some Android phones have ANT built-in (such as the Samsung S4/S5 lines).

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The first category (Level 1/Basic) is where trainer ‘apps’ were 5-10 years ago. These largely had no integration with your trainer and simply played a video.In retrospect that might have been a poor idea, since this has spiraled out of control into a massive post with over 20 different trainer apps and over 1,000 pieces of data into the product comparison tool.That’s largely because the trainer app market has exploded in the past 2 years, in large part due to trainer companies starting to open up their platforms and allow app developers to create cool stuff.And even within that, only some of them are supported by different apps.

You’ll want to confer with each app on whether or not it supports your specific trainer.

If you have ANT sensors (like those that are compatible with a Garmin device), you’ll want an ANT adapter for your device.