Traditional japanese dating customs

27-Nov-2020 15:08

It is worth noting that such labour arrangement is still being practised to this day in marriages where the man is adopted into the family of the bride upon marriage.A third and more common family labour arrangement was for the groom and the bride to offer their labour to their respective families.After receiving a gift, the Japanese send a "thank you" gift called an O-kaeshi.These thank you gifts are common for illnesses, funerals, weddings and births.

The change from the age of aristocracy to the age of the shoguns led to a change from the old practice of �muko-iri� to the new practice of �yome-iri�.

Labour played an essential role in life of the common people. In certain areas of Japan, such as the Tohoku area in the north, a groom would live with his bride's family to offer his labour for a certain length of time.

While in other parts of the country such as the Izu Islands, a wife would work for the family of her husband while her husband would offer his labour to her family.

Marriages came to be arranged by and for families and the role of "Nakodo" go-between became very important in Japan.

Now this Throughout history, Japanese marital systems had gone through many changes along with changes in Japanese social systems and conditions.

The value of this gift usually equals half the value of the original gift.

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