The dating game tv show rules racial preference in online dating

23-Jan-2020 08:00

Harvey tells him if Louis loses he'll get the concert tickets Louis want to go to not because Harvey wants to go to the concert but so he can watch Louis cry.

Harvey asks Rachel if she already has a date for their planned double date.

Louis sets up a wager to which if Louis wins, he gets Mike's services and nothing in return if Harvey wins.

Mike is surprised and confused why Harvey would agree to that but Harvey tells Mike that he's sure they would win.

Harvey is confused what is there to talk about him.Louis is tasked with getting Madison what she wants while Harvey and Mike are assigned to Kelsey.Louis bets that if he wins, he gets Mike as an associate, while Harvey asks for Louis' "Nixon in China" opera tickets so that Louis has to miss it.Elsewhere, Mike and Louis try to settle a mogul's estate in the midst of family clashes, and Jenny worries that Mike is hiding something.

Jenny begins questioning Mike about his true relationship with Rachel after Louis tells her that he knows something is going on between Mike and Rachel. Jenny then insists that she and Mike go out on a double date with Rachel (that is if Rachel can find somebody she can go out with) so Jenny can get to know Rachel more and they can start a kindly friendship. On the way to the office, Harvey spots an old colleague in Cameron Dennis (played by Gary Cole).

Jessica says he will represent Harvey in the deposition and defend his credibility.

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