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06-Nov-2020 02:21

Tavia even said that she had never experienced being so tired that her toes cramped up on top of one another.

When asked whether they felt it was unfortunate to have missed their wedding night, they said, "This is only a ritual!

Wedding bells rung for TVB stars Tavia Yeung and Him Law earlier this year when they had a private wedding in England.

Almost seven months later, they finally held the traditional ceremony in Hong Kong last weekend.

Him continued to tightly hold onto Tavia as they left the hotel.

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peaked at 30 points.- "Deep in the Realm of Conscience" Sub Song 2 MV (Full Version) Him Law Dresses Up as Rilakkuma, Betrayed by Shoes; Tavia Yeung Touches Kay Tse's Stomach to Receive Happy Energy Last night, Him Law and Tavia Yeung held a million dollar wedding.

We are confident that they will be staring at synchronised angles after more practise as husband and wife.

During the media interview, Tavia shares that they have been through alot over 10 years and emphasizes that she is a very low-maintenance wife that is always ready to walk with Him Law on the streets - no transport required, not even bicycles.

When Tavia was asked whether she was at ease about her husband returning to Mainland to work after marriage, and was not afraid of attracting people throwing themselves at him, she immediately looked at her husband and said, "Have never had an opportunity to get scared, and also no need to be scared.

The most important is that we both have trust in each other. " After the interview, Him acted as the chauffeur and drove his wife back to their home.Husband Returning to Mainland to Work, No Opportunity to Get Scared They said that they still do not have plans on when they are going on their honeymoon.