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20-Mar-2020 15:03

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”On Trek, one 22-year-old user from Texas headlines his profile: “Beam me up…to the attractive Trekkies:)” He goes on to say, “I love Star Trek TOS”—that stands for The Original Series, for the uninitiated—“Makes paying for Netflix worth it all by itself. In his book Love in the Time of Algorithms, Dan Slater writes that roughly 15 million users in North America alone used interest-specific dating sites in 2011, proof of the shift from the “bookend theory” popularized by, on which the goal was to win over every “book” on the shelf, to these niche sites.The appeal: they are “judgment-free zones where the like-minded can mingle freely and furtively.”Count Trekkies among the group giving that idea the Vulcan salute.“Star Trek fans are nerds,” says Oliver Gough, owner of Star Trek A link to the site was passed among Star Trek forums, and membership continued to surge.

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Michael Carter, president of Passions Network, which owns Trek, says one of the most routine reasons people write him to cancel their Star Trek accounts is that they found a match.

We invented "Stardate" to avoid continually mentioning Star Trek's century (actually, about two hundred years from now), and getting into arguments about whether this or that would have developed by then.

Pick any combination of four numbers plus a percentage point, use it as your story's stardate.

” encourages Star Trek, one of a number of dating websites that have beamed online in recent years to help “Welcome to a dating community that is light years ahead of others,” teases the homepage for Trekkie

“Find like-minded friends, romance, and convention dates with other Trekkies TODAY! ” (That’s Next Generation.)There are a lot of singles in this galaxy, and increasingly they seem to be turning at warp speed to niche dating sites focused on matching users based on hyperspecific interests—like, say, an intense love of Star Trek.“I’ve been chatting with a few guys and I have a date lined up next week.”Please, Victoria, not in front of the Klingons.