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20 July, 1685.(4) Colonel John Rumsey, committed by the same Earle of Sunderland, for High Treason in conspireing to levy warr against the King: Dat. for High Treason in levying warr against the Kinge: Dat. 27 July, 1685.(2) Richard Goodeanough,committed by the Rt. Earle of Sunderland and one of His Majesties most honourable Privy Councell and Principle (sic) Secretaryof State, being attd. 20 July, 1685.(3) Abraham Holmes, committed by the same Earle of Sunderland for High Treasonin levying of warr against the King: Dat. 9 August, 1685.(9) John Jones, James Heyes, John Kidd, committed by the Earle of Sunderland &c.Joseph Glisson married to Elizabeth Gane at St Peter Church in Evercreech, groom age 22, bachelor, occupation Groom, abode Shepton Mallet, father Thomas Glisson, Groom Bride age 29, Spinster, occ dress maker, abode Evercreech, father John Gane, sawyer, Banns, Witnesses: John Gane, Joseph Gane, Jane Gane, & Mary Ann Cox, File#5654 Reg#132. Mary Elizabeth Glisson married to Edwin Knight at St Peter & Paul Church in Wincanton, groom bacherlor, occ labourer, abode Wincanton father Henry Knight, bride spinster, abode Wincanton, father Robert Glisson deceased, banns, Witnesses: Samuel Rogers & M. Rogers, File#5611 Reg#368 Herbert William Glisson married to Selina Hardy at St James Church in Chillington groom parish St Pauls Bristol, Bachelor, occupation letter carrier, bride parish Chillington, Spinster, Edwards, File#11289 Joeseph Herbert Glisson married to Louisa Jane Palmer at Holy Trinity Church, Frome, groom age 28, bachelor, occupation coachman, abode Christ Church St, father Joseph Glisson, coachman, bride age 26, spinster, abode Grope Ln, father Wiliam Palmer, warehouseman, deceased, Banns, Witnesses: Philip Henry Palmer, Emily Jane Glisson, File#5422 John Thomas Glisson married to Mrs Annie Mitchell Hutchingson at St Peters Church in Twerton, groom age 39 widower, occupation foreman Coachman, abode Frome, Bride age 27 Spinster, abode Twerton, groom father Joseph Glisson occ cab proprietor, bride father Thomas Hutchingson, occ builder, Witnesses: Charles Watson Palmer & Louisa Jane Glisson, Lic File#11435 Mary Glisson to John Saunders Jn at Bath & Wells Diocese, Somerset License Mary Glisson to John Hall Jn 1687 at Bath & Wells Diocese, Somerset, License Thomas Glisson to Joan Haiward 1704 Bath & Wells Diocese, Somerset, License William Glisson to Mary OKedonat Bath & Wells Diocese, Somerset, License John Glesson to Elz Edgly 1716 at Bath & Wells Diocese, Somerset, License John Glesson to Elizabeth Edgley 1716 at Bristol Cathedral, Gloucester, marriage Israel Glesson to Mtha Paget 1730 at Bath & Wells Diocese, Somerset, License Israel Glesson to Mary Hasel 1743 at Bath & Wells Diocese, Somerset, License Samuel Glison to Ann Clarke on at St John the Baptist, Yeovil, Somerset An Glisson to Samuel Hoskines at Yeovil, St John Walter Glisson to Anne Vele at Chew Magna, St Andrews Wm Glisson to Mary ? Prisoners executed for high treason: Samuel Hilliard, Nath. John Emrygale of Hadlegh (1) to (2), all lands and tenements in Batisford which they lately had by feoffment of William Pope of Nedham Market, as appears more fully in charter dated 9 Jun. Witnesses: Richard Bragstrete, Henry Lucas, William Baldry, Henry Parysh, John Cook and others. and highway called Peekham strete on N., 1 head abutting E. to Ann Dickinson at Liverpool, Saint Nicholas, Lancashire Edward Glison m. Beard had his men, Robert Brown and William Cuff, working for him removing bone material until the 29th May, 1838. There are many trenches and mined features along the plane of Sandford Hill that it would be difficult to identify the actual pit, many of which were worked as late as the mid-20th century. (1491); to hold of chief lords of fees for accustomed services. (1) to (2), cottage lying in Cretyng St Mary between land of Hugh Kyrspyn on S. on rectory of Cretyng St Mary; which (1) lately had jointly with Thomas Hunne and John Baldry now deceased, by grant of William Havell and H. Witnesses: Thomas Heigham, Capital Bailiff, John Ayleward, William Moor, Thomas Lemynor. to Judith Hogan at Winchester, Saint Thomas, Hampshire Ann Glisson m. to Grace Gerrard at Bedminister, Dorset James Glisson m. Having been buried alive for more than two hours, I was glad to revisit the regions of mortality, though completely bruised and battered in every part of my body. (note 81) The site was still open in 1863 at the time of James Parker's visit. Hamilton, a soldier, 'You are all Roman Catholicks, and I could find in my heart to sacrifice all soldiers, forthat you have a Popish Kinge:' Dat. 20 August, 1685.(11) James Burton and John Fernly, committed by the same Earle of Sunderland: Burton being outlawed for High Treason, and Fernly concealing him.(12) Dionisius Dally, committed for seditious words.(13) Abram Angely, Leonard Jackson, . 21 July,1685.(5) John Austin, committed by Thomas Cheeke esq., chargedupon oath for saying to Wm. 16 August, 1685.(10) Charles Bateman, committed by the same Earle of Sunderland,charged with High Treason: Dat.

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A dictionary of the Welch Language list Glesyn, am, dim, (glas) what is blue. Witnesses: Robert Feldegate, Hugh Baker, Robert Campe, John Brett, James Stede and others. Witnesses: William Feldegate, Hugh Bakere, Robert Cawmpe, of Stonham Aspale (1) to (2), piece of land lying in Stonham Aspale between land of Stonham Aspale Rectory on W. on land formerly of Robert Chener', other head abutting S. 1756 (I did not pay to get complete copy) Samuel Glisson to ? I believe after death of Grace, Samuel Glisson wife in 1765 in Beaminster that Samuel then removed back to Yeovil and he is the Samuel Glisson of Brimsmore who left will 1781 proved 1785of Beaminster, spinster Messuage, backside and garden in Yeovil, Penn Close, 2 closes called Brimsmore, Ashley Close, Larkhill Close and Walronds Close in Pitney and Yeovil, land in Green Moore, newly erected House, outhouses, backsides Garden near Brimsmore Tree, Brimsmore Close and 11 acres adjoining at Lilswell and acres in Green Moore, all in Yeovil Glisson, Gerrard, Coulthurst, Gundry, Chaffey. Given at Stonham Aspale, Sunday before feast of St Margaret the Virgin, 12 Hen. and land of John Andrew on E., abutting on both sides on land of Robert Stonham, esq.; 2 pieces of land lying between land of Stonham Aspale Rectory on both sides; and piece of land lying between land of said Rectory and land of Gilbert Feldegate. to Ann Goore at Liverpool, Saint Nicholas, Lancashire m. Ref#Q/SR/273/7 Title: Examination Description: Evidence given by Jeremiah Wadham of Wincanton in a case concerning an attack upon him, by a group of people, in which dirt was thrown at his door and William Downe made two holes in his coat with a Halbred. Charles Winter eldest son 1724-1736=1755 at Bishops Lydread=Dorothy Yea bur 1813 at Wiveliscombe sister of Sir William Yea 1727-1806 high sheriff of Somerset 4 sons none with issue C.

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