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With the aid of magical weapons given to him by the divine craftsman Kothar-wa-Khasis, Baal is victorious.

However, the god of death and the underworld, Mot, soon lures Baal to his own death in the desert, spelling drought and ruin for the land.

Asherah offered herself as a sacrifice if Yam will ease his grip on her children.

He agreed, but Baal boldly declared that he will defeat Yam, despite Yam's being endorsed by El.

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More recently, the detailed study of the Ugaritic material from Ras Shamra—together with inscriptions from the Ebla archive at Tel Mardikh and various other archaeological finds—have cast more light on the early Canaanite religion.

Many of the Canaanite deities found their way into the Greek and Roman pantheon.