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Every kind of flower, stitched particularly in pink, butterflies, columbines, and even little goldfinches adorned these gloves. By the 1870s, twelve and fifteen button white kid, silk, or velvet gloves were worn with evening or dinner dress. Fingerless gloves have a long history dating back to the early Romans and Greeks.

For a period of time the cavaliers wore white gloves with broad black lace ruffles and heavy fringes, or gloves of a pearl colour trimmed with gold (Beck, 1969, p. From 1890-1902 very long suede gloves with as many as twenty buttons were in vogue. The practical side of fingerless gloves was that they allowed a person to carry out tasks requiring finger dexterity such as stitching and embroidery.

The common folk generally wore gloves of less expensive skins (Beck, 1969, p. The term chicken gloves became a misnomer as these skins were soon superseded by the thin and fine skins of unborn calves. From 1500 onwards, fabric gloves crafted from silk, satin, velvet, cotton, and linen were stylish.

Byssus gloves were of great fineness and delicacy, with a high price in proportion (p. From the mid-1800s onwards, jean, sateen, and taffeta gloves were introduced.

Spain introduced gloves scented with violet powder, and Italy and France eventually became recognized for their perfumed gloves. He noted that an ordinary method of imparting the scent of particular flowers or spices was to mix animal fat or some kind of oil (almond oil, for instance) with essences then rub it into the glove.

Scented gloves from Spain were originally made of kid, velvet, and satin. He described one of the perfuming recipes that any housewife could follow: “Put into angelica water and rose water the powder of cloves, ambergris, musk, and lignum aloes….

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In the 1950s, nylon gloves, knitted in a variety of weights, textures, and colors, became trendy as well as naugahyde gloves made from vinyl coated fabric to imitate leather. Novelties in fabric gloves included: adding fringes or tassels at the wrist or on the cuffs; inserting gussets of lace at the back of the gloves or on the wrists; edging the wrists with ribbons and flowers, either real or artificial; embroidering the top of the gloves or the cuffs with gold, silver, and colorful threads; and, adding pearls, beadwork, or monograms to grace the gloves.

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