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22-Nov-2020 23:57

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I am much more of the feeling that if you can not be with the one you love, love the one you are with................

Or those seeking snow white or sleeping beauty, I doubt any of this is grounded in the ugly reality of life.The problem I see(not to burst anyones bubble) is this all represents 'rose colored glasses' kind of thinking.When they break or come off, you need to know you found a good person, not an imagined heroine or hero!I know we are attracted to what we we're attracted to.

But if you believe in soulmates, wouldn't it make since to be open to dating all types of men or women and not discarding them because they don't fit your idea of what a soulmate is?

I believe in them along with bigfoot etc.........having said that. And certainly not on a dating site..........I guess I will go on dreaming of one. I didn't used to believe in soulmates, and for me the jury's still out.

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