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13-Sep-2020 05:49

Her journal, which provides the details to this story to the rescuers after she dies and he's rescued (Oops! Um, except not really; that's how the movie begins, actually) is filled with passages about how sorely tempted she is to go to town on this big friendly oaf and make a baby with him even though she knows she really shouldn't.The movie's worst offense(s): Aside from the aforementioned grinding scene, in which (in Canadian French) Emile actually says "It's bad" and sheds a few tears while Cendrine says "Don't cry" to try to assuage his confusion and fear, there's also a part where Cendrine mentions in her diary that "I know girls shouldn't make love before 15, but I want to." Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!?Who told her 15 was the cut-off age, and what does that have to do with anything?Apparently, it didn't occur to either of her parents to tell her what she really ought to be asking from any guy with whom she wants to make a baby is a ring and a marriage license or at least a spoken wedding vow, and that it's statutory rape to go lap-dancing on anybody who doesn't have a developed enough mind to understand this sexual stuff, whatever his or her chronological age is.

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The main focus is on the sexual exploits of the titular Emanuelle and a hit man she hired to kill her abusive husband, with her jailbait daughter's loss of virginity and subsequent rape just kind of slipped in between a lot of other thoroughly preposterous sex scenes.

Seriously, the credits roll and that's the end right there.

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