Se7en admits dating

18-Nov-2020 21:45

According the Hyun Joong agency, but not declared at the time, the couple originally reconciled but agreed to go their separate ways at the end of 2014. If the pregnancy was confirmed, the agency says Hyun Joong will take responsibility, but as of February claimed she had refused to provide any confirmation.

Her legal team claimed they have proof and that this had been submitted to Hyun Joong.

Namely she had been pregnant, but the pregnancy had ended very early, she was then pregnant by him again and pressured into an abortion shortly before the assault that began all this.

As evidence, she provided an assortment of text messages.

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) while not only still on duty, but SE7EN, still in the 11-year relationship with Park Han Byul which he claimed he would be so damn scared if he was caught with another girl while dating her (oh, the irony).Roll forward to September 15th and the case reared its ugly head again.