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Visible = xl Sheet Visible Then s Ctr = s Ctr 1 my Arr(s Ctr) = LCase(CStr(Sheets(i Ctr). 'But with 500 randomized 'elements it is about 27% slower than QSort, and looks 'increasingly worse as the array size increases. Braden Dim I As Long, j As Long, inc As Long Dim var As Variant If Is Missing(Low Index) Then Low Index = LBound(List) If Is Missing(Hi Index) Then Hi Index = UBound(List) inc = 1 Do While inc For instructions on adding the buttons to the Ribbon, see Ron de Bruin's web site, and add the following XML: First, you'll save the Sheet Navigator workbook as an Add-In, and make it accessible from other workbooks, as you work in Excel.

Screen Updating = True End With End If End Sub Sub Shell Sort(List As Variant, Optional By Val Low Index As Variant, _ Optional Hi Index As Variant) 'Translation of Shell's Sort as described in ' "Numerical Recipes in C", 2nd edition, Press et al. 'This algorithm is at least 'as good up to about 100 or so elements.

The only way to change this menu up to Excel 2007 is to use VBA code, but in Excel 2010-2016 you can also change a context menu with Ribbon X. Enable Events = False End With For Each cell In Case Range cell.

Note : In Mac Office 2016 it is not possible anymore to change this menu with VBA code, Ribbon X is the only way to do it in the Mac 2016 version, Ribbon X is not working in Mac Office 2011, you need VBA code in this version.

Customizing Context Menus with VBA in every Excel version If you want to insert Ribbon X into a Excel 2010-2016 workbook to change the context menus, then I suggest you download and install the free Custom UI Editor on a Windows machine to make this a lot easier : I suggest that Mac developers develop on a Windows machine so they can use the Custom UI Editor.

Be aware that image Mso is not working in Mac Office 2016.

This free add-in puts a new command on the Excel Ribbon (Excel 2007 and later), with a list of sheets in the current workbook -- makes it easier to navigate through a large file. Protect Structure = True Then Msg Box "Please unprotect this workbook's " _ & vb Cr Lf _ & "structure and try again" Exit Sub End If On Error Resume Next Application. Protect Structure = True Then Msg Box "Please unprotect this workbook's " _ & vb Cr Lf _ & "structure and try again" Exit Sub End If On Error Resume Next Application.

Screen Updating = False Header = "Excel Password Remover Alert" Credit = vb New Line & vb New Line & "Learn Excel with:- EXCELBEE. The dynamic Menu control includes the get Content attribute that points to a Get Content callback procedure.

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