Scout dating apple app dating seminars for women

28-Oct-2020 06:51

I swear the kid said, "I'm ugly like my daddy," after puking.

(No, its head didn't spin -- yet.) The creature also said, "I'm beautiful like my mama," and then declared it had a "poopy," complete with sound effect.

Skout, a location-based social network similar to the likes of Loopt and Bright Kite, has decided to take a new approach to mobile-based networking.

In conjunction with the upcoming release of its first i Phone application, the site has decided to abandon its role as a standard social network, and is instead reinventing itself as one of the i Phone’s first location-based dating services.

For some reason, that David Lee Roth song from the '80s kept playing in my head when I set this one up.

This is either a fun lighthearted take on flirtation or the lazy lover's crutch to communication.

The texts could be interpreted as coming from you, but there is no mistaking where the emails are coming from, even if you set it up with your name: . The texts range from the indescribably inane to moderately amusing to sweet.

Bottom line: If you're too lazy to text, what else are you too lazy to do?

Bottom line: This app could put you off reproducing.

Ladies, your ovaries might run for cover after looking at your projected offspring.