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Might involve a Chekhov's Classroom on the lines of: "Sure, my only power is to control X... Might be An Aesop to make the most of what you have.

Especially ironic if another character had, or could have had the same ability before, but decided that it was useless.

The leaders cloth mask is torn from the ferocity of the chakra cloak. Ninja from all throughout the land have gathered, some from Sunagakure, such as Temari, Kankuro and the village's own Kazekage, Gaara have made an appearance.

However Naruto is almost annoyed that not everyone can be here, as there were still many people he wished could come, but he had to send them on missions.

Many of his friends were now Jounin and were getting their own teams to train, look after and take on missions. During the 4th Great Shinobi War, Sasuke had ended up aiding Naruto to defeat the masked man by the name of 'Tobi' along with a sum of the enemies.

After the war had ended Sasuke was imprisoned for a year but Tsunade worked hard to get him set free early, and even reinstated as a Konoha ninja.

Despite the name, this trope is not explicitly about The Heart or The Power of Love but that can happen.

Neji's exceptional past having proven his genius with the Byakugan even gave him some leeway with the elder more stubborn clan members. Naruto still required time to deal with his duties as hokage.