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Franciacorta's own name is derived from 'francae curtes' - which were small Medieval communities of Benedictine monks who would instruct the locals on how to grow vines.Today, the area is famous for the production of sparkling wines of the same name, made via very particular regional methods and championed by the Bellavista Winery, that sits a short stroll away from the hotel.

The spa of course offers regular treatments on top of this - deep tissue massages, hydro-aromatherapy, phyto-mud therapy and auricular acupuncture.With the likes of Elle and Sophia on the roster of past guests, and Lake Como not that far away, it's not fantastical to imagine the George Clooney aboard the aircraft as it heads off across the landscape.Famous fans: The resort is also a favourite with the likes of Salma Hayak [pictured L], Arsene Wenger, half the Manchester United football team, the late Luciano Pavarotti and endless oligarchs, billionaires, sheikhs Glamour: The only slight break in the silence that envelopes L'Albereta might occur when you are out in the gardens - where it's not unusual for a helicopter to rise from the hillside, choppering someone glamorous out across the nearby lakes The hotel is all about fresh decadence; it has a scent to it that wafts gloriously around - from the bar, to the restaurant, to the spa, to the rooms.The modelling and acting elite tend to look for glamour-meets-seclusion when getting away from the flashing camera bulbs of their everyday lives.

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And the likes of Elle Macpherson and Sophia Loren have stumbled upon their very own sanctum in the shape of the five star L’Albereta resort, tucked away amid the lush greenery of the Bellavista hills in Erbusco, Italy.

Ensuring that the fairy tale feel seeps through to even the dining rooms, the restaurant is named after the property's gardener, Leone, who has always taken care of the grounds.