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Ready to blame it all on Wade, Zoe does her best to entice Joel back into writing.

Lavon is using the excuse of coaching his track team to avoid talking to Anna Beth.

She decided to give back to her community, starting a theater program for underprivileged children in the Washington DC area.

She said in an interview once that she was part of a program for kids at Howard University, that it inspired her to follow her dreams, and that she hoped she could do the same for others.

Her theater still exists, now in midtown Manhattan.

She died of pneumonia at the age of 90 in 2002 and didn't appear on but that show lasted only two seasons, and except for a couple of guest appearances here or there, it’s been more than 15 years since Williams has been a regular on our TV screens, not counting all of the reruns.

Despite joining the show late in its run, Townsend still appeared in 14 episodes.

, it’s not too much of a stretch to say that Darius Mc Crary has been the busiest member of the cast when it comes to keeping his acting career active.

He hasn’t had a breakthrough role on any series, but he's appeared in at least 10 episodes of six other series -- including an 86-episode run on had lasted another season or two, you would've probably seen a lot more of Tammy Townsend, who played the role of Greta Mc Clure, Eddie’s serious girlfriend in the last two seasons of the show.

Prior to that show, she already had nearly 20 credits to her name, and in the subsequent two decades since has been out of production, Townsend has continued to carve out a decent career for herself with guest spots on dozens of shows and as a bit player on several shows that never quite caught on.

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Most recently, she’s been seen in the last several years of the Disney show Walk into any mall or workplace in this country and utter the words “Family Matters” to anybody in particular, and you’re going to likely be met with a cacophony of Steve Urkel impressions and catchphrases.

Unfortunately, a few also passed away, and it may surprise who those people are.