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The Japanese were defeated trying to crack this line, and things settled down until their replacements arrived. The United States could not decide whether to fight or evacuate the Philippines.

In December 1941 Secretary of War Henry Stimson was asked about plans for Bataan and replied, ‘There are times when men must die.’ In early January our rations were cut in half, and in February they were halved again. MH: When did the Japanese offensive resume in earnest?

At San Fernando the survivors were crowded into stifling, sealed railroad boxcars, in which many more died. Army (ret.), was a defender of Bataan and is a survivor of the Death March, Camp O’Donnell, Camp Cabanatuan and three years’ captivity in Mitsushima, Japan.Military History: How did you come to be on Bataan? MH: What was the general reaction when war started on December 7, 1941?Gordon: I joined the Regular Army on August 5, 1940. Gordon: We knew war was coming to the Philippines months before it happened, so it was no surprise.During those last nights on Bataan we often heard the Japanese trying to infiltrate our lines. Gordon: We remained there–on several different lines of resistance–until the final Japanese breakthrough on April 3, 1942. We believed it was just a question of when the promised reinforcements would arrive.

One morning General Lough was entering his staff car just as a unit of Japanese came around a bend in the road. We were lied to–but by Washington, not by General Douglas Mac Arthur.

We moved north with the North Luzon Force, then commanded by Maj. Within two weeks our unit had divided into forward and rear command posts [CPs]. Our platoon, under the command of Lieutenant Henry G.

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