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Pastoral care became more widely shared and appreciated. Morality and Canon Law were contested; much theology made little sense. In the Catholic world the opening up under John XXIII was reversed by Wojtyla and Ratzinger.

The new generation was cherished, better educated and perhaps a little spoiled. In particular, the simplistic view of a two tiered universe with this world on one side, heaven and hell on the other and with God being the creator, micro-controller and law-enforcer of the whole shebang was incredible. At the same time two generations forsook their parents’ sectarian identity and dropped the Church. The present pope’s approach is to skirt the culture wars and to focus on Jesus with his proclamation of a loving, merciful, forgiving and pastorally caring God.

We grew up in a strict, doctrinaire, disciplined and strong, denominational Church.

By the mid-60s it had morphed into an enthusiastic, open community with a strong sense of identity located in the parish. Those tending to a more nuanced perception set out on a rapidating review.

But this change is a bit too late for those generations who have been lost.

What is called “identity politics” focusses on what divides rather than unites us. Tragically Australia’s mood has changed for the worse. But it will need a change of heart and mind from us all.

This was the experience of Australian Protestant Churches, too. Institutionally successful, it was nevertheless authoritarian and clerical; it drew little on its pool of community talent. The result was two opposing camps growing ever more apart – the culture wars.

In middle Australia during the 60s parish leadership became increasingly rewarding and lay activity more extensive. As sectarianism died Generation X came of age and found itself at odds with the Church. This mirrored a western culture-wide phenomenon as society became less sectarian and more secular and pluralistic.

Authoritarian admonitions from a deauthorized papacy and episcopacy only hastened the alienation. He is encouraging practical solutions to ossified legal obstacles.

This contrasts with his two predecessors who were sticklers for ideological correctness and moral control. True Buddhists, they believe that anger makes you suffer more than the oppressor.

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