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John Markham 1600 Robert Bruce 247 John Griggory 260 William Dunning 240 John George 1159 John Bailey 400 Samuel Hughes 633 James Lawless 611 John Dyer 333 Aaron Mc Kenny 162 John Cleaver 250 Thomas Finny 260 Thomas Lackey 400 Joseph Maples 257 William Hopwood 400 George Murphy 238 William Goodman 582 Hugh Henry 400 James Taylor 271 William Bucknall 100 Samuel Crain 1200 Noton Dickinson 488 Jeremiah Worsham 338 Josiah Farguson 60 John Duncan 395 Thomas Watson Jr 466 Thomas Watson Senior 200 Humphrey Hendrick 700 John Pond 200 William Maples 163 William Griffith’s Estate 400 Frances More Petty 300 Killian Kreck 150 Thomas Black 498 Benjamin Leprad 430 Alexander Robinson 322 John Kirby 100 William Burdet 120 Robert Cowan 100 Sarah Davis 170 William Irving 150 Michael Gilbert 200 William Justice 266 Peyton Smith 612 Peter Finney 400 Henry Conway 1026 Lodowick Tuggle 600 George Peak 100 Joseph King 185 Thomas Ramey 200 William Young 1232 David Polley 673 William Sheilds 100 William Witcher 100 John Witcher 190 James Witcher 202 William Parker 50 Jeremiah Ward 431 Peyton Wade 50 Daniel Lovell 500 Richard Bennet 256 Thomas Bennett 75 Booker Smith 150 Jesse Keezee 250 James Kann 450 George Herndon 250 David Ross 6792 James Mitchell 546 William Mitchell 400 Bryant Ward Nowling 318 David Dalton 126 Robert Dalton 85 William Thompson 450 John Hensley 100 Abraham Goad 180 George Phillips 150 James Dalton 100 Benjamin Tarrant 645 John Dalton 270 William Bennet 275 Reubin Bennet 274 John Lawson 290 William Ward 1626 John Collin 300 John Wheeler 300 Richard Walden 1030 William Baber 224 Charles Callaway 500 Ralph Smith 898 John Talbot 570 William Smith 150 Nathan Thurman 700 Littleberry Patterson 400 Thomas Tunstall 1142 John Ward 1388 Thomas Barnett 100 Preston Gilbert 250 Thos Tunstall from Rich’d Brown 96 Jeremiah Keesee 450 Sarah Vaughan 149 Roger Atkinson 13000 Jonathan Phillips 400 Nottley Wheate 100 Charles Goad 200 Pattience Dalton 200 Gidion Shelton 170 James Downey 400 Edward Hampton 200 Arthur Keezee 200 Jesse Evins 160 Benjamin Shelton Jr 200 John Williams 200 John Doss 200 William Mc Duel 200 Jacob Barryer 240 Daniel Bates 200 Ambrose Hunt 120 Peter Perkins 1000 James Andrews 300 William Allin Senr 190 William Betterton 434 Henry Brown 210 Major Childres 200 Gilbert Hunt 637 John Kelly 50 Joshua Stone 1413 John Ward Jr 913 Joseph Cook 400 William Vason 300 Joseph West Senior 350 James Magbee 100 William Todd 600 Richard Todd 100 Robert Farguson 75 A Copy Teste Jos. For the 200 miles of the course of the road through the wilderness, there was neither Indian nor white settlement.

Robertson Matthew Sparks John Stocktone Robert Stocktone Adam Stultz David Watson James Whitesides James Young Robert Payne’s List Jana. He and Crabtree were the sources of the information that was written into the dispatches of the Holston Militia that wound up as part of the Draper Manuscripts, which are today’s documentation of this event. The party of Daniel Boone returned, and Rebecca, James’s mother, wrapped the bodies of James and Henry up together in a linen sheet, and they were buried in a common grave.

State Route 604 begins at State Route 421 in Duffield, Virginia, and runs through Pattonsville, Blackwater and Jonesville on its way to the Tennessee state line. The Boone and Russell parties returned to Castlewood.

On the Virginia side, it is named “Doctor Andrew Jackson Osborne Highway”. The Indians, taking Whiteside Hargis’ wife, John and William Hargis, and John’s son who was named after his Uncle Whiteside, along with the slave Charles, made their way back up Wallen’s Creek to Dry Creek at Stickleyville, and thence to Kentucky, probably by way of Lovelady Gap, and either Olinger Gap or Eola Gap to the head waters of the Cumberland River.

This reminds me of a story that Dad and Grandpa Baker told me when I was a kid. The distance between these two sites is also about three miles, and would have also allowed the deserter to have taken a different route back east and to have stumbled upon the massacre.Again the issue was similarly reflected in the minutes of the 1713 Conference held at Coventry, Pennsylvania.” This is interesting since my direct ancestors fought for the Union although they were Southerners. Apparently, German Baptists played a big part in the battle of Sharpsburg. The Wallen’s Creek Trail and the trail that had come from Station Creek come together at White Shoals.German Baptists or Dunkers typically dressed similarly to the Amish and Mennonites. This would have placed James about three to four miles east of Daniel, and also would have allowed the deserter from the Daniel Party to have backtracked to the east on a different trail from the one he had followed with Daniel.For a history of osteopathic medicine, go here: The following information is from the Moore Family of Virginia and Kentucky Genealogy site at was a Blackwater, VA physician for more than 40 years. William ROBINETTE and made house calls on his horse ‘Old Joe’. William Day Leonard Delosher James Devine John Devine William Devine Robert Duncan James Durrey George Dyer Arthur Fuller Brit. This is especially true of those sites at the head of Wallen’s Creek, which is so small there that it can be stepped across.

He had a good treatment record for the flu epidemic of 1917-18. AJ Osborne’s) medicine house and he would also travel on horseback to see patients long distances away. When he reached the medicine house, the horse would nudge the door to make enough noise to wake the doc. AJ Osborne’s story can be found at The Country Doctor and Natural Medicine Newsletter at I remember Dad telling me that my great-grandpa, Elbert Roberts, attended a German Baptist Church in Blackwater. Talleaferro William Taylor Barton Terry Ben Terry Charles Terry David Terry Harry Terry Henry Terry Jno. Fuller Zachariah Fuller William Goodman James Gravely, Junr. We know that Daniel and James took different trails, as James “got lost”.Since the Dunkers or Brethren had migrated from Pennsylvania into a few southern States (Maryland, Virginia) with significant slave populations, the issue of slavery would inevitably confront them denominationally at their Annual Conference. If one discounts the Fannon’s Spring tradition, and discounts Russell having discovered the massacre, there are only two possibilities for these events to have unfolded.

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