Plesk statistics not updating Sex meet up no login

19-Sep-2020 23:20

If you do not currently have log rotation turned on, you can use the following command to manually rotate the processed file(s): mv access_log.processed access_log.processed.1 gzip -9 access_log.processed.1 If you have log rotation turned on, you will need to rename your existing logs first (increment each file by one).

I also want to mention that the 2 Gig file problem is with the ’statistics’ program and not webalizer.

COM But keep in mind that doing this is going to lose ALL previous stats too…

Also, check your setting to make sure that it is not set to ‘quiet’ mode, this will allow you to see any error messages that webalizer may have BTW, the ’statistics’ program does a lot more than just trigger webalizer.

Since the hit data in the ‘procesed’ log file(s) has already been processed by the ’statistics’ program, you could in theory simply delete them.

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You are checking your stats and see low traffic: How to recalculate AWStats statistics from logs for previous months.

Then you should have current statistics for that domain.

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