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24-Jan-2020 07:51

This involves two families agreeing to marry their children while they are still infants, or even before they are born.

The actual marriage takes place when groom and bride are in their late teens or adults.

Pakistan This is another country from the Indian subcontinent that largely follows the system of arranged marriages, backed by Sharia law which prohibits women from marrying without parental consent.

Here the system of arranged marriage is based on Islamic teachings in the Quran that require fathers to protect their daughters, which has been interpreted as advocating arranged marriages.

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However even today arranged marriages are common in countries which largely follow a traditional social model.Then there is the "Watta satta" which in Urdu literally means "give-and-take" and involves the custom of exchange brides between two clans.In order for a family to arrange a marriage for their son, they must also have a daughter to be married in return.Interestingly even though the Muslim-majority Pakistan is widely different in religious terms from Hindu-majority India, in both countries arranged marriages are the norm.

This can be taken as an indication that arranged marriage is more of a socio-cultural and particularly a patriarchal phenomenon rather than being a characteristic of any particular religion.One of the most important figures in Japanese arranged marriages is that of the ‘nakodo’ who can be considered both a formal matchmaker and a more informal “go-between”.