Pagdating ng balanghay

01-Mar-2020 21:02

This breakthrough Filipino novel in the English language employs 100% characterization and explores the lyrical powers of rhythm and voice, orchestrating not four voices but five, the fifth being that of the author and the final narrator, who happens to be a passerby-witness to the climactic merging.

It offers four fantasy endings and a fifth, real, ending—plus an end piece that gives closure for the characters, the author, the reader, the country and the world.

Talent manager and columnist Alfie Lorenzo expressed his dismay over his most popular talent, Judy Ann Santos and veteran director Jose Javier Reyes for accepting an independent film without him knowing.

He said that he felt disrespected when he found out that Juday accepted a role over a Cinemalaya entry entitled “Mga Mumunting Lihim,” for which she refused to be paid.

In our annual life as a nation, the State of the Nation Address is a very important ritual.

More than just watching for the wardrobe of the president and more new wardrobes from lady congressmen and socialites, or what new gimmicks or slogans will be employed to add to SONA’s entertainment value, this is the time of the year when the whole Filipino people, both the elite and the masses, listen intently to the president, the high priest of the nation, preside in the opening of congress and outline his achievements and plans.

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The elite did not totally accept this, wanting to adapt a different concept that they learned from Western schools: The concept of Nación—republican democracy based on rights guaranteed by a written constitution, with emphasis on political freedom and power.

Aside from the funny connotation of the acronym that seems to be a joke, even sounding like a Gus Abelgas TV show, I checked the primary sources written by Artemio Ricarte and Santiago Alvarez and secondary sources crafted by Teodoro Agoncillo and Adrian Cristobal on the Tejeros Convention and found no mention of Bonifacio delivering a speech reviewing the accomplishments of his government from the establishment of the Kataastaasang Kagalang-galangang Katipunan ng mga Anak ng Bayan on 7 July 1892, to the outbreak of the revolution on August 1896.

He supposedly also outlined the programs that he intended to launch.

On 16 June 1936, Commonwealth President Manuel Luis Quezon copied the practice and delivered “On The Country’s Conditions and Problems” to his congress.

But the precursor of what we now call “Ulat sa Bayan,” a more direct address to the people on the achievements of the Commonwealth government, was the much awaited address of President Quezon during the anniversaries of the establishment of the Philippine Commonwealth every 15 November.For a time, admin fans and opposition are one in reflecting on the state of our nation, as ONE NATION.