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29-Dec-2019 01:48

So be sure you’re comfortable with me seeing what you’re sending.One more thing, she does not take her phone to bed with her.We all need a good laugh these days and, on that front, it is hard to beat The Guardian. ‘Moral outrage at rioters fixes nothing — the only remedies are liberal.’ Shortly after came the news that ten pupils at Mossbourne Community Academy in Hackney had been offered conditional places at Cambridge University, including two to study medicine.Another 70 pupils have places pending at elite Russell Group universities.

At a time when state education is so poor we are having to massage the figures so that a working-class B grade is equivalent to a posh A*, Mossbourne is proof that dumbing down, prioritising half-baked social work ahead of education and removing such rudimentary concepts as discipline are the true busted flush here.No, I’m not going to be nosey, rude or obsessive about it.But, if my daughter’s phone just happens to be laying on the table, and I see she’s gotten a text, I might take a look at it.I will ask you a lot of questions and make sure you know that I know how special my daughter is.

When you get to know our daughter, you’ll get to know us too.

So, get the door for her, look me in the eye when you talk to me, and please don’t let your britches fall down so low that I have to look at your underwear band.