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13-Aug-2020 11:56

Put one thing in mind, he is taking “YOU” out on the date and not your friends.

If your friends are hungry, let them get their own date or buy “Mama Put” if they are hungry.

The Calabar man gets carried away and sometimes forgets to cut their coat according to their size.

IGBO MEN: An Igbo man is ready to take good care of you and buy you the latest of whatever you want.

Recently, I wrote on the ten things ladies hate when out on a date to give the men a little expo on what not to do. Well ladies, the guys hate this; so, don’t do it again if you are guilty. LOOKING TACKY OR UNKEMPT: We know we have bad hair days sometimes as ladies. Straighten those edges, keep your nails well-manicured or painted and wow your date. When you are out on a date with someone you just met, you don’t want to give him your whole life history.

This week, I have given the men a chance to express themselves by talking to different men on what they dislike when they take a lady out on a date. Leave him wondering what is more to you that makes you awesome. PRETENDERS: This was another re-occurring issue for the guys. You go out on a date with this cute guy and because you want to look like a “big girl,” you say things like “I don’t eat swallow.” Meanwhile, you had pounded yam and egusi soup for lunch.

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They always want you to be around them; they want you to be happy, so will do anything to make you happy. Because their motive is so genuine, they easily get obsessed and that’s where the problem starts.Meer informatie, zoals over hoe je je instellingen kunt aanpassen, vind je hier: cookiebeleid.