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On this episode of HBO's Real Sex, a Cunnilingus workshop called Love Licks & Clit Tricks is shown in addition to the swingers convention that takes them camping in rural Minnesota for Swingstock.Also featured is the Miss Florida Exotic Dancer competition along with the exploration of latex sex from the paint on type to being vacuum sealed between sheets of latex.There is an erotic circus that presents some nudity under the big top along with a man who enjoys his sexual fetish of mascot style animal costumes.Also featured is a video production company that allows couples to make their own sex tapes.The Space X launch, which suffered several delays prior to its final departure, successfully fired the Falcon Heavy rocket into outer-space.The Falcon Heavy, which is billed as the most powerful rocket to launch since NASA’s Atlas V, hurtled into outer-space while loaded with a cherry red Tesla Roadster belonging to Space X owner Elon Musk.On this episode of HBO's Real Sex, an erotic African-American dance troupe with all black male strippers while in Tampa a masturbation club is featured.

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In addition, there is a Santa Fe wrestling competition that becomes an orgy.

There was a spin off of the show called Pornucopia which featured the porn industry in California which is also canceled.