Mechanics of speed dating

11-Nov-2020 09:12

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The questions asked are often insightful, surprising and thoughtful: “Will we have a vaccine against cancer? The idea is that each visitor speak 5 minutes with 3 scientists in a row.

In this case in 15 minutes 12 visitors can do speed-dating and in an hour you can reach 48 people; 2.

This model improves and enhances student engagement and “creates learning that is active, collaborative, and fosters learning relationships” (Zepke and Leach, 2013).

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Then you can decide whether you want to pursue that person… Employing a speed dating model in the classroom in place of a panel can be an effective way for students to learn a variety of perspectives in a short amount of time.Researchers who take part range from Ph D students and post-docs to group leaders.They can have different backgrounds including biology, physics, bioinformatics, medicine and chemistry. Target audience: Teenagers and adults Materials needed (requirements): – Scientists – Moderator – Tables – Chairs or Poufs – Timer Step-by-step: 1.They loved the panel but wanted to have time to ask more questions and hear more from each person than time allowed.

In reflecting upon their feedback, I had an epiphany: speaking directly with others about their work is similar to dating.

It is really important to speak with the scientists before they do the speed-dating and to make sure they will speak in a simple way about their research and to make sure they know the general organization of their institutions and opportunities available. Scientists should take with them some material to show such as pictures, lab material, etc. – Make sure you do a briefing with the scientists before the speed-dating and that they do not take important lab materials with them that they can loose; – Most of the people don’t know how to start the conversation so make sure scientist to do it; – It is important that people meet more than 1 scientist but it is also important that useful conversations can flow; – We notice that people tend to stay more than 5 minutes speaking with the scientist.

They are very tender and sentimental and will not hesitate to hold hands, hug and kiss in public.… continue reading »

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