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For the first five months or so of Kurg's life, he was wet-nursed by a Negro woman with whom the child lived.Pappy went to see the baby and found him in a small bed under the Mammy's bed.Olive Cemetery nearby and possibly the reason William was not buried there could well have been because the creeks were overflowing that December of 1887, making travel there impossible.Just before Kurg left Alabama to go to Arkansas, Pappy came to see him.In several branches of the family it is said that Pappy was once quite a wealthy man but lost much of his fortune in a lawsuit in Jefferson County, Alabama.On record in the Jefferson County Courthouse, we find that William and Beadie Bearden sold land on December 25, 1839 to Mathias Obarr.

Many Beardens were in Georgia quite early and among them was a Richard Bearden who, in 1820, lived in Hall County, Georgia, with 3 males between 10 and 16, 3 between 16 and 18, and 1 between age of 18 and 26.

His children called him "Pappy" and so shall I, this giant of a man who was the grandfather of 'We Bounteous Beardens'.

They say(1) he was so tall, when he rode a mule his feet, would drag the ground.

No record of their marriage has been located, but it is believed they married either in Jefferson or Bibb County, Alabama, about 1824.

Beadie died at the birth or soon after, of her youngest child, William Bradford 'Kurg' Bearden, who was born March 11, 1849.From these facts, we believe it safe to assume that our Pappy was a large man and a true pioneer.