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Nestled away inside the Amsterdam forest, Boerderij Meerzicht is a beautiful Dutch pancake restaurant and farm house that is so much fun for the kids!

It is part of De Hallen, a large complex of buildings that are a newly renovated old tram depot dating back to the 19th century. Of the many things to love about Amsterdam, certainly one aspect that makes the city all the more enjoyabe as a young family is how child friendly it is.

In the Netherlands children are not only accepted, but they are welcomed as a part of life: they are both seen and heard -- and this ...

The buildings all exemplify the 19th Century Dutch farm house design, with sweet traditional features – such as big classic Dutch wooden clogs, old fashioned machinery and pretty gardens and water features.

The best way to reach Boerderij Meerzicht is by bike.

Outside there is a playground for the children — including slides , swings and even a flying fox.

When the weather is nice it’s the perfect place to come as there is ample outdoor seating so you can enjoy your coffee and pancakes while the children play.

Inside the restaurant there is a huge selection of traditional Dutch pancakes (pannekoeken) to choose from – and be warned that one pancake will fill an entire dinner plate so you can easily make a meal of it.) as well as peacocks, and you can buy some grains and feed the animals as well.Boerderij Meerzicht offers a very enjoyable experience for the whole family, in beautiful and traditional Dutch surroundings.Boerderij Meerzicht dates back to 1857 (before even the Amsterdam forest existed!

) and during the construction of the forest in the early 1900s when many of the other farm houses in the area were demolished, Boerderij Meerzicht was able to survive in part due to the opening of a tea room for the public.I recently took Sara on a little mama-daughter lunch date here, and we both loved the experience.