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The book was ornamented with gold, precious stones and relics, and according to [Dolbeau], p 26-27, probably calligraphed on the island of Krk or in a Czech monastery.These Dolbeau's pages are available at [Studia Croatica]. Selon divers rcits, l'vangliaire aurait servi lors du sacre des rois de France, notamment ceux de Francois II et Charles IV, puis d'Henri II, Louis XIII et Louis XIV qui "posrent la main sur son texte en pronoant la formule du serment" (L. In 1485/46 a French pilgrim Gheorge Langherand wrote that in Zadar he heard a "Sclavonic" sermon, that is, a Croatian Glagolitic mass. According to the renowned Czech linguist Nemec, the influence that the Croatian glagolites in Prague had on the formation of orthography of the Czech language was "neither big nor negligible".One of the oldest texts is a love song called Chirvat-trkisi (Croatian song) from 1588, written by a certain Mehmed.This manuscript is held in the National Library in Vienna.Hence, Croatian glagolitic, Cyrillic and Latin traditions cannot be viewed as separated entities.We know that Middle Age Croatian scriptoriums were polygraphic (for example in Zadar and Krk), see [Malic, Na izvorima..., pp 35-56].

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One of the Glagolitic books from this convent (Emaus) in Prague came to Reims in 1574, where where accoring to a legend for centuries the French kings (Charles IX, Henri II, Louis XIII, Louis XIV) were sworn in by putting their hands on this holy book, known under the name Texte du Sacre or L'vangile de Reims.

The Vinodol Code does not allow torture during legal proceedings, and is considered to be one of the most important documents of medieval Europe. The code was published in many European countries: it was translated into at least nine languages.

Among the Slav Codes only the Rus' Code "Pravda" is slightly older (1282). Some of them are Russian (1846, 1878), Polish (1856), French (1896), German (1931, 1987), Italian (1987).

Except for literature Arabica was also used in religious schools and administration.

Of course, it was in much lesser use than other scripts. It is important to emphasize that the earliest known texts of Croatian literature written in the Latin script (14th century) have traces of Church-slavonic influences.The first Croatian edition of the Vinodol Code was published in Zagreb in 1843. For more information see here, and at the Croatian National and University Library in Zagreb. Vinodolski zakon 1288, scrollable book, National and University Library, Zagreb The Statute of Vinodol from 1288, British Croatian Review No.

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