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02-Sep-2020 02:24

I did 4 preg tests (on 8/1/18) at what would have been 1 week after we conceived (26/12/17 - 1/1/18) and they were all positive.

I thought I was late but had completely forgotten I had a period!

The thing is I still think that I could be 2 weeks ahead based on my LMP and times of symtoms.

And if I was 5w 3d that would mean I got a positive result at 3weeks 3days???

I have just gone for another scan today at 8wks 4days lmp and now scan is showing 8 wks exactly.

Just curious because i was going by the dating scan because it was 6 days off but now that has changed im just not sure... Ur dates will changes constantly, but u will get a better idea at ur 12 week scan which is what the hospital will base it off or ur OB if u go private.

One of my pregnancies I lost I got a positive at not much over 3 weeks I got my BFP at 3w4d and had symptoms immediately.

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and be it worst around 9wks for me it was worse at 7/8wks Anyone had an inaccurate dating scan early on in?Hi ladies, just wondering what due date you are going by?