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14-May-2020 19:45

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Sign, change your mind and inform the company within seven days -- and you are supposed to get your money back.

That's what happened with Rebecca Hiebert, but getting the refund was no easy task."They didn't want to.

I was told they would only give 50% back, even if there was no service (once again, read the fine print of the contract. get even the 50% back, I had to call every week, for over 4 months.

They'd leave me on hold for ages (even got "disconnected" a few times). (Speed dating - you can do a lot of speed dating for the same money) and internet dating (Lava Life - pretty cheap, and Plenty of Fish - free!

"Until a year ago, we would go by the agreement where you are responsible for half."More safeguards needed: law professor Law professor Iain Ramsay believes consumer legislation which regulates the dating industry should allow for a cooling off period."The fact that it deals with your emotions, you are likely to make an impulsive choice.

Clearly, there's a fair bit of pressure in terms of selling.

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She stood her ground:"When I got the cheque, I was ecstatic. It was great.""I was concerned by the emotional exploitation that seemed to be taking place in the selling practices…"York University law professor Iain Ramsay What is Life Mates' policy with regards to someone who signs a contract, leaves a deposit, then changes their mind within 24 hours and hasn't received any referrals?

"If it is quickly, within 24 hours, we refund all their funds," says Life Mates' Todd Holley.

Hiebert told Marketplace that the person conducting the interview "messed with my personal world a lot. It stands to reason that Life Mates, the "people company," would be sensitive to prospective clients. Past members told us Life Mates seemed focused on getting them to sign on the dotted line.

We wanted to see for ourselves, so Marketplace called Life Mates simply to ask about the fees charged for its services. We got the sales pitch: you have to qualify before you can get a quote - you have to come in for an interview to see if you qualify. So you're ready to sign a legal agreement for our services?Knowing this, I refused their offers (they'd had months already and now I knew better from doing a bit of research) and just demanded my money back.