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Dan Corner also conducts weekly Internet Church for the spiritual benefit of many who cannot find a sound congregation in their area or are physically hindered from leaving their home.

Brother Dan Corner has done various radio and TV interviews on his book refuting eternal security and Catholicism.

Multitudes are in hell now because of that license for sin. Primarily it is through his books, which have helped many recognize that basic truth of God and some of the false teachers who teach it.

Brother Dan Corner was once a rock-hard, brown scapular wearing Roman Catholic who believed ONLY Roman Catholics could go to heaven, because that is what he was taught.

It has been an intense battle for truth from day one, but it is also the good fight the Bible speaks of.

Evangelical and Eternal Life websites with hundreds of different teachings and blog posts.

He started going door-to-door alone with the gospel.

After praying for a witnessing partner, Dan Corner found JH.

Powerful books, gospel tracts and many audio and video teachings have been produced over the years to spread God's truth for the benefit of souls.

MANY have contacted us reporting the benefits they have received from Evangelical Outreach. Brother Dan Corner realizes the greatest problem in protestant churches in our day is the damnable heresy of eternal security and those who teach like it.

After nearly 7 years of pastoring, Brother Dan felt he could do more for God by street evangelizing again.