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01-Mar-2020 03:42

Even more so when you consider that some of his fights -the vastly underrated Holly Mims for instance, were blatant fixes.The high point of his career was his 1st round TKO of former welter & middleweight champion, Emile Griffith.& the public seems to be buying it hook, line & sinker.I read a review in the USA Today that described Rubin Carter as, "A true folk hero" & a "warrior scholar". After watching Carter on Larry King last night I was left feeling that for a "warrior-scholar", this guy is a real jive turkey.Tiger also fought Carter, knocking him down twice & beating on him like a drum for 10 rounds as he blew "The Hurricane" out ...

In their first fight, Luis weighed 149 pounds to Carter's over 160 at fight time.

Anyway, to paraphrase Bob Dylan's terrific, protest-disco tune, linked below is the REAL (fistic) story of the Hurricane ...

The movie may be powerful & Denzel may well win an Oscar, so might the film; but the Hollywood revisionism mind fuck with the truth reeks.

I saw the fight & he didn't destroy the great Emile as depicted in the movie. Griffith was not badly hurt at all, he just got caught cold & never got his balance.

Due to the three knockdown rule, the fight was (in my view), prematurely stopped.

By the way, when I mention him along with Sonny & Leg-Iron Mike, I by no means intend to imply that he was on their level as a fighter.