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Tamarins range from southern Central America through central South America, where they are found in northwestern Colombia, the Amazon basin, and the Guianas.

What happened next, I think is best described in Tanya's own words: "When chimps wake up, they're really noisy and they throw leaves and stuff.There I was, standing closer to the tree than everyone else because I want to see where they are, and the German researcher was saying, 'You better stand back.' And I was like, 'Why?I want to see the chimps.' 'Because you're going to get shit on if you don't move back.' So I was like, 'Okay, I'm moving, I'm moving' and then there's a big rain of pee and all kinds of things." Gross.When Mr Monkey first revealed councillor Malcolm’s alledged ballot rigging activities a member of the public was so disgusted by this affront to democracy, he wrote to Stephen Hepburn (the MP for Jarrow) to complain about councillor Malcolm’s ballot rigging exploits.

I did this for my own play-through, just thought I’d share."People's birthdays, graduations, weddings, anniversaries. You miss those things that are important, those rights of passage and traditions.