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“This is where it starts," she said, gesturing to her young son. Laughter *ra* * afc«cdanc lluirsdaj'as Sd Brsa skssii&iedl h» selecricm and the •teteo laea’s. chtlrfrea V ser- Cadfendto BAl Citj Coo Bci], echoed Adlefs 2or ncauis can. A^ipleiieciii lihhsti -taamrr seed.i • rinit -nil mitceed jihend m: chie wtstcwacd- hetirfmg grini Meg^ so Ering; oun- -eaes soihi -wsiih the liuughc hum. Ac .stake is an estimated 0 billion a year that Americans Crews head to crash site NENVPORT, R. a Navy sal- ~ vage^Thtp was 'fmall'y freed Thursday to lake its divers on a l O-hour trip throuf^i higli waves to the grim emsh site of Egypt Air Flight 990. fa oesriowy riae SI m S Ca Uforrua banks arc stung in fed- fetes ^sorised E? teller machine surcharges, coo- elsewhere, tending it is unconsriturional. The Wiccans did not draw the pic- tures; Uicy were made a long lime ago by people who did not know what they were doing. ans Pal (Ray) Bulz of Latter-day Saints Chapel on Fair Eag^e. .■^.;^Fg y g 'iggg Short illness Ho Uisfor with riis family m January ris ferw; cf a rt3ss--.e heart a"born Dec l. neaithy and active m doth the and fishing with rtis Dad and CGrrarvih/ and church Urry Slocnson on March IS, t947. So, City Council members approved increasing sewer rates to .25 beginning in October 2000.' After pfl that, the rate would increase by . Council members also recently approved Ordinance 409 - repeal- TY!! Ordinance 409 eliminates that option, requir- gfl tng residents to hook up to the ■ dry’s sewer service within 90 days of its availability. Concerns over the condition of ; the wild fall chlnuuk population .; within the Snake River prompted • Idaho Power lo cliange in 1992 ' ' how it operates its Hells Canyon - hydroelectric complex. Bean is an inmate at the Idaho Correctional Institution in Orofino and Daxis is in the Idaho State Insdnidm near Boise. Forest officials support the removal of term ‘squaw’ - BOISE— -Boise Niitionul Forest officials support changing the names of five geographic area.s that contain the term "squaxv." n*m. Throughout pic chat we ^Vallingford, residents left out- very' nice pee )side porch li^ts on overnight. Arts council boste dinisr Tjf Dey (Demm- aar Arm.znii' Siansnaiatol SQmim.5c: £. Noiv farmers may get the same kind of assistance if they lose income due to imported crops or livestock. * r 1 SOSACunts Dmv S47S-OCP Cal73&C322 Cai /ori,;ylic HANSEN t C9. t ssav T 736-7093 or 420-0000 ELWOOO A EVANS Jack A EUlne Wright 734-1401 ■■■■■■■■■■■■ IWmercury tracer fl Ur OMDTJt . After collecting an autograph, Austin said he’s interested in space and might read more about Sduna's three o Biam Bs. subseqnesii tejiiac bv Mpite a recent return to space by a Mercury colleague fortaei: U. tih OCtnss's ser- ' Coi Teraiy no^auad crea ua Mpoctatio c Other lest-dinans bare ear- naxtae T-eor jnxexmae oast: at it ig. -odf ani Bs mt Pkmmfaiiciniui Se-fi Mjm Bgine- away ccuis- at ihe wtfrikrv btr whitiit wese a lihe QEy' otfloes Bicy. litci L fnlk Tritfla-gidtoigyiinihg iiitni u£ Tntang l L«tninnaatg''s lune rumuini WASHINGTON (Al‘i-- The Senate Thursday ovenvliclmingly approved a sweeping law break- ing down Depres-siotisjra harriers between haitks, insurance cnmpn- nies and investment firms. Investigators were hoping to- dodge foul weather long enougli ' mday ro search for the plane's “black boxes." which they hope hold the secret to the cause of the crash off the coast of Nantucket. spend on fees and commissions for hankitig, hrnki-ragi- and insur- ance serv-ices. ' befes te -smsr eral court to block a first^-er who - i T* t. A judge is sci» San Francisco voters passed arpmesns Nor. It Have you been turned down for a'l mailer.' luun? Annual Cross Stiich Comes l Yues/or ik Zad A3fd I ^ \ , Enio" s-our w-u A Nos-. Lots of people have black cats; does that mean tliai all of them are witches? myse lf, have a problem with the horrible way that they make witches look. aris Pat (Ray) Bulz ol Latter-day Saints Chapel on Fair A-cron Arso surviving are three St -le. Rosecrans National Cemetery in Twn Falls, Mm^at 11 a A San Diego. (Farmer's • K^y at the Holla:^ Rrsi Ward Otto Maao; of Rupen, services Funeral C^pel in Buhl). in at 11 a A Saturday at the Grace Sail Lake City, Utah (White Christian Cent er in Rupert. ■ Elementary School Joraan was in Ridfard R, *0ick’ the Youth Soccer League ano m-te.- lovcd playing Soccer He was a good student and was liked by a . brothers was'ccm cn j»5y»y n io23 m They had one daughter. Kammie Srokes a career m tne Air Force years working in the Magic of Twin Falls. ■ j IAT Scotr Bybcc with J-U-B Engineers • in IVdn Falls, said if approved, the - ' ' project could start as'e^y its next summer and take about tvr-o years j Vjj: tacompicte.- City crews wp^dhon- die the five-phase proj®, laying about 16,000 feet of pipe and af) Installing at one lift station on "3^ the northwest side of town. The com- pany started holding outflows “ from the Hells Canyon Dam at - consistent levels during the mid- r Octobcr-io-early-December fall Chinook .salmon spawning season. The men admitted to filing numerous returns using the names of others, inclndizig prison inmates. jeff Sidebe The neighborhood was “so Seaborne Pi Ibright you could barely sleep,” oflicc is in th Paula Ncmzck, wailing wi^ arrived abc ■her daughter, Cfsanne Camacho, couldn’t bri -for a school bus Thursday mom- inside, ing outside Day Elet^tary, “My offi C' about half a mile fmn the ship- scared to go Stard. “I got i “We’re still a little worried," • that happen .. She usually walks comfort,.” %cr daughter to the bus stop, but Connie Vog 7*a lot of other moms are saying from Hamiln feel a little worried about toy poodle for feting their Idds walk to the bus “Of course i — ly-thcmsclvastoday,^— think that eve School operations retunied to is being done,' mormal except at Hamilton “I cannot I 31iddle School,' wherfc doon w^cre Vogci said. I wo: ^chool security personnel were the parks whe «n duty rather than the normal ing." Murderclaims r iman from Idaho ^ “1 believe that we will catch s this person," he said. A provision in a African trade bill, passed 76-19 bv the Senate, with Idaho Sens. Kent Conrad, a North Dakota Demopat who co^wnsored the fwo Ttsian. * 2 ear garaao w/door 3 car oarage, S6O0 opener^ “ mo-dep Pkisn, S34-S24B. front WHEEl drive • AIR CONDj Mlfi Sr "TWIN FALLS- Attractive, ig CANYONSIOE REALTY. ^ J ^ 7 ; 1 I REAL estate I l ACBMGFe*.n-r« I WANTED 0 S£ffl/Efm£ CLBumce U FXili LS,. Enraan m Cnr J hey fought in the Revolutionaiy War, the Civil Wat; World Wars I & H, and dozens of. month more than the lifetime earn- Ills faulty grammar (it should be, ings for a worker without a college students u TIO care ) dovetails neat- degree. Bs.ariigii Briiml Ol Tnipaeofficisils widisiini* i ae jiat B .n Tirrro Bches to ibe Heisman race, befitting tie unpretentious natures of their two stars. dtsh- i wasfior TW/pr Gas lire- 1 334.3731- "P; - r WINFALLSIATSSSamo 126 Main St New 2 bedroom. 1999 /s/ N^cc-Mayor Houard L, .-Mien f ATTEST; Jody Hall, Deputy City Clerk '^ifeteran'^ EXIwr Rosaald Taylor ( Cmii jji-i r.'iifl . Remembrances section on Thursday, J November 11, 1999. Others ^ available at extra cost.) Box 5.1~Twm Fafel STs^o" crabs TTItmss-^’kiws BUriey office. 10 a cornucopia if cbrioscrocollcso scirolanrhip money, Jucation. , At the College of But their proposed solution -shovel- Southern Idaho, for example the CSI mg meire money into the state’s uni- Foundation’s scholarship fund will dis- versity system - w-on’t necessarily tribute more than 5600,000 in aid (his reduce tuition and fees. Fifteen vears ago the CSI protc Ming students specifically want Foundation iiaiided out just 000 in more money spent on faculty salaric.s, scholarship aid, ••-inthefom ofpay raises, sma Uerclass-- -While w\-’re on ihe sub'jti^bf es and less reliance on part-time money, a typical undergraduate in mstnictors, , Idaho’s university system pays about A photo on the front page of 52,100 in tuition and fees every year, aaturuay s Idaho Statesman told the Tljai isn’t much, given the value of a story loud and clear. dent, Ixdjowing at the top of his lungs, Lifetime earnings for a co Ilcgc Hidu- ije Jd a sign that read: “We are slu- cated worker average about 51,000 per ' dents that care. These students were jilready a«urcd of sdiolarsliips iijwn com- pleting a .separate Project Grad program, xvliidi helps at-risk teen- agers improve their grades and .steers them toward college. President Ei.senhoxvcr sent in Army troops to escort the siu- dent.s to class, Inside Mrs. I carf agree with Uiis method; however, what alxiiit the mentally ill? Diis will be an excellent addition for our community. What made this seem so incxiohle was that it xvould ensure Clinton’s “place in history.’’ In 10 or IS years, the number of new retirees will create such spending pressures that today's inaction would suggest - at least with hinrfc;j.,t _ incompetence or an abdication of re^xsi- scd with liis standing in hisiaiy. Details arc baffling, and the dis- puted amounts -in a SI. His mechanism for achieving this is to direct as much money as pi^ble into the Sodal Security and , Medicare trust funds. This baffles the public, because it" is a completely deceptive cxcrdsc. rhetoric has overwhelmed Republicans; they don’t want to be se en Oireatei Mgrctircmem benefits. a resxfcnt o KSienns Ferry, died freods and loved Wednesday. Spokesman Nathan Wade said ^OME GUARD Smi NG^ *^lie Seamless Siding Experts" Spokesman Nathan Wade said ■ the state agreed to take the pluio-' I f7Q41*11! ------ -7-1 nium-taimed wa'ste generated or 1-800-597-7124- divorced. Cassiaj County Plarming and Zoning Commission ; member Vaughn Cook. on chartasi of raking .n M:ns T..aadimtnuintrt nt tniinipuiani ranking.s during i I 3 Xnne m de- 23 :bnaar». ti:, i:e involved, wtes named in tile bm j 3 gzgg 3 edtn.jieigi[! “It shows you don't Have to go to a b: spend a half-million or a million dollars.

Magic Valley five-day forecast II Yesterday’s weather Camas Prairte Hfgh: 61 Low: 26 Mostly sunny lonif’lil. Reno SL lours Sait Lake City Caiudian Cities Calgary MMtreal Toronto S Treaslire on display Tobacco Hotel *nii‘e Ye « bos fca a r V* s ^ ^eiesuiog to fea ca o sse. despite warn- ings by Demoenuk critics that it could lead to price-gouging of cu RSumers and to financial con- gipmerjtes e jiimply_loo _ big and powerful. Ilfl M imiu be Gaulxit A revh lodnidft.lieiiii Bia farese Csnilutsi Be-taiilab'iraac-Ma Bte mnflrnirepira. Vi'iif jjirtdulu) Ulitt TDt.-;rru.l /r ' Shop smart. Why don’t you quit harassing things that you do not know about! Oklahoma, to Steilic and big dreams and ideas He loved as h:s incnds called him. m Wsric War li the Korean War Sharkey, siep-chiidrcn. Richard and Hazel Henmgton of ana tne &iver Star tor Sravory' Cheryl (Ace) Allen. The ciry lnst j * year applied for an 9,000 ICDBG, but was turned down because of low sewer user rates Dn and outdated sewer ordinances. biologists ere conducting uen'al % surveys of the Snake River for -' signs of fall Chinook .salmon spawning activity. son of j.-nnifi-r Knoke, was taken to Deaconess Medical Center in Spokane, where he was rci Jorted iti critical condition. Inmates admit to tiling false tax refunds several times BOISE - Two prison inmates have admitted to filing false income tax returns to collect refunds from the Internal Rev- enue Service. rnan was sd U Police used search lights “We reall' through the night as they going on. conduct the Utah Symphmy in a program of Verdi and Gcrdiwin, S pjn., Abravancl Ha U, Salt Lake City. Abravancl Hall is located at 123 West Souih Tcinpl& « Nov. "Blue iit the Mizzen" by Patrick O'Brian (Norton) 12. tte tnmstrecis, a pro^ Uttet- c Oby Mcid.llcad Ttos^ mc rohti!

Austin, to hear Schirrt’s speech becau^ she said, success doesn't begin in college. “n^ jaair" ffimeess s a .space program that rihasuedi T neuched therooaa. Many cdxs- saoes hire se: cp tni CC ftadt or „r J for hoadih can. In addition, consumer groups, liberal lawmak- ers and others birterly have opposed, the legislation on grounds it would jeopardize con- ? Quick approval was expected in the on financial indas- cry changes first proposed in Congress two decades ago. Oo Oirlite Lao Mnziain: — 1 32 Main North Downtou-n Tuin Falls 208-736-7286 12 3JK3l? Read the Classified ads:" • I Work Less, Play Morel | The Bookkeeper 734-4708 Bookkeeping, Piyroll, I Qukkiooki* Support & Morel | NOW OPEN Dinner y\yy^ 4:oo - pm ■733-9716 Check Our Sunday Night Specials! And if-you really want to know about those evil visages of witches with nasty looking faces and black I cats tliat look like evil panthers, just ask your own ancestors who made them that way. Anrcna, Krcjca Car TK- t3f Church of Jesus Chfisroi Eag^e. D66S0f I Jerome, passed away Novcmocf Jordan was an active tnemoer ol Lawrence J Bebsen 76 of Buhl ^993- a* bis home tollowing a the LDS Church He moved rn r? was fticnards Mc Kee He married his family, his churcri, his Incnds. Huntsville, Arkansas, and Ciatie Lany mame D rts im wife Beverly . DOC reasoned that Wendell's low user rate of per month didn’t allow the dty to build up a capital reserve fund to pay for the replacement of aging lines in the current system. Under Ordinance 381, residents \r • had the option of hooking onto the dry’s sewer line when their l/iri septic ^tems failed. Juitriad : TWIN FALLS PUBLIC Lp Rm Tnfnwnafihn for Life BOISE - ’I*hc U'. The aerial search for fall chi- • nook redds, which are aquatic nesting .sites for the chinook, has been conducted annually hv , Idaho Power and Fish and ; Wildlife since 1991. Jojui Bean, 47, and Kurds Dav U, 25, each pleaded guilty to one count of making a false claim agoimst the government. Sdwings Up To 75% Ask Ad Hound I— to-search4ur- classifieds for you. W checked peoples’ yards, base- shipyard, bu jnenis and gaiden sheds for signs shipj-ard,” B ;of the gunman. "Siiir Wars; The New jedi Order: Vector Prime" by R. foeehtd a gottao ~wbk i uuaa tawrdt Bwtee - ' Tate Fjtte Area Ckaahcr of Senate legislation would extend trade assistance to U. fanners Small corninunity banks fill agricultural niche, officials say The Associated Press Compiled from staff and wire reports j WASHINGTON - Workers who lose their jobs because of imported goods long haye been able to get payments from the government as compensation. Shahazz High School library, liis -‘--back to a shelf loaded with uni- versity catalogs, listening to 17 teen-agers dream alogd of college and careers. Qrt recog- nine this as viable, oronc of its goals, * 1 here are two reasons in which the dis- trict Courts convicts to prison. When approadiing Twin Falls from the iionh, this would actually augment the \dcw as Ollier buildings are already prca»ni. We are foritmatc that Cniig Nciisen is' intercfttcd in doing ilii.s project. By that, I meant the^caling back of ben dits for retirees - the true welfare stare whose rdemless growth needs to be restrained b e f ore baby boomers rca^ 65 early in the century. He understood the problem; a Democrat - more easily than a Republican - could tinker with Security and Medicare; and his gift for ' language xvuuld enable him to com-ince the public to suppon policies that mighi otherwise be unpopular. He has proposed expanding retiree benefits (drug cox-erage for Medicare) and made it politically impos- sible to suggest any cutbacks. If these chtsw are oeas Bsaxy, w-ouldn T h Ik far coore sensible to know how ih^ wi D respond to the psychiatric evahiaiians before tlwy are turned loose? The trust funds don't erase the corv' flicts created by rising retirement spend-' mg. $ 2 , 975 * CALL 735-0011 "for FREE details w h Looking for a New Job? Geerjef He was bem on me Treasu«« f«thi.*rifii November 1, 1999. ■ cet Ho worked as a patrolman • which will potentially expose I Assistant Chiel. Your si dwico lor oniino dosstflods away at his home m Boise, on November t, 1999. the (amily moved to Twin pracseng hs Da Pc una rjsl three aief He h* tamt wcn f,ad an interest Twin Falls H-gn School, and men an ns t.e:as. up ui^M aitendod Idaho Stale College at and fish He worked hare but ^ last lew - Pocatello In 1957. ' Scufier'is Viirv'iv^d Vv h Vs w7e ' paycn millions of dollars without providing further assurance of the site's safety, or funher protec- tion of workers, the community or the environment." Richardson ^kesman Stu Nagurka said. (AP) - Charismatic, who ran in a claim- ing race earlier this year, went OR to take the Kentucky Derby and Preakness.

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