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Download the Latest Phil Health Premium Contribution Schedule / Table 2012 here.

Being an Employee-Member of Phil Health, your premium is 1.25% of your Salary Base where your Monthly Salary Range is included.

By virtue thereof and through the authority of Phil Heallth Board Resolution No. Series of 2012, this Circular is hereby issued in response to the public clamor for the reconsideration of the implementation of the premium contribution increases in various Phil Health membership categories as sanctioned under Phil Health Board Resolution No. This Circular shall only apply to the Individually Paying, Overseas Workers, and Employed Sector membership in the NHIP. Transitorily, the implementation of the corresponding premium rates for the following membership categories shall be in effect starting from January 2013 up to December Self-employed individuals under the Individually Paying Program shall pay the minimum annual premium contribution of One Thousand Eight Hundred Pesos (Ph Pl,800.00) effective only from January to December 2013.

Provided that, self-employed professionals earning an average monthly income of more than Twenty Five Thousand Pesos (Ph P25, OOO.

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This increase in Philhealth Contribution will apply to both employer and employee contributions.

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PDATED (Philhealth Contribution Table) – January 1, 2012: Philhealth ensures sustainable, affordable and progressive social health insurance, influencing the delivery of accessible quality health care for all Filipinos by providing a unified benefit package for all its members for in-patient hospital care and out-patient care.Call me controversial, but I truly believe that "How I Met Your Mother" is the best-written sitcom about a group of thirty-somethings living in New York City.