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11-Oct-2019 18:57

The Prize will go to the most imaginative and inspiring digital project that represents the creative overcoming of divisions between opposed traditions, religions and cultures.

The goal is to have both parties 1) tell their respective histories of enmity, and 2) retell these stories in a way that creates a shared future from the past.

Central to the project is the transforming of trans-generational trauma, the crossing of enemy lines and the remaking of history as story.

Through a process of empathic narrative exchange the project aims to convert invisible wounds into visible scars, silence into speech, enmity into empathy.

The video, entitled ‘Young People of Serbia and Bosnia Speak Out’, was directed by James and Petra Taylor and co-produced by Richard Kearney and Padraig O’Malley, the organizer of Beyond the Divided Cities Conference.

The peace summit took place on May 22 and 23 in the contentious territory of Kosovo.

I am certain you are looking down on us as you try out your new wings.

In Spring 2015, Guestbook will be awarding an International Prize for the best video of exchanging stories between youths in divided communities.

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The aim is to bring together young students, artists, social workers and community leaders in a series of events that enable them to encounter each other across political, religious and cultural divides. Love, Suzanne, Alan & Cady Our prayers go out to all of you.It was a joy and a blessing to witness how much you loved your children and especially your wife.The posting of this video along with similar Guestbook documentaries from different divided communities in other parts of the world (Mitrovica, Bangalore, Jerusalem, Dokdo) had the following aims: 1) to encourage further creative collaboration across boundaries in polarized communities; 2) to facilitate interactive exchanges on a continuing basis thereby embracing a national and transnational process of multilateral understanding.

2) In May 2010, Guestbook collaborated with the Beyond Divided Cities Conference in Mitrovica, Kosovo, to produce an ‘Exchanging Narratives’ documentary.

Ive known Ron for about 6 years now and first met him when I first started dating my wife. When I married his grand daughter Ashley, nothing changed between us because he had already accepted me into the family as a grandson. Uncle Ron was always so supportive of Cadys Little Uncle Sammie project, and was a big help with making sure we had veterans pictures for her thank you cards. Greg only met Uncle Ron a few times but remembers him shrimping in MB when we were down there and how much fun he had. All of our love, Greg and Sherry Sheppard, Meagan, Dan and Lizzie Chalmers, Erin Cesaro.

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