Garmin updating gps firmware

28-Nov-2019 20:48

speed/distance/time/HR/ascent/elevation)Outside of these core areas much of the more advanced functionality found in other Edge units has been stripped out.

Looking at those three areas, the most interesting (I think anyway) is actually the quick creation of round trip routes from the unit itself.

I’m hearing that’ll likely be late September or early October.

It did take a bit of time (perhaps 2 minutes) to come up with the routes.I had a chance to spend time with the product team last April and give them a bunch of feedback on it based on the early stages of development.I’ll dive into some hands-on time here in a moment, but it’s probably useful to point out that if you’re looking for an Edge 500/510/800/810 replacement, this isn’t it. These tours are incredibly popular in Europe, though in the states they are pretty limited (as in, basically none).To do so you’ll simply specify how long a ride you’re looking for (in either miles or kilometers).

You can also specify if you want to start the route from where you are, or from another point on the map.

Next up we have navigation to nearby points of interest (POI’s).

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