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Net Mode == NM_Dedicated Server ) return; for( i=0; i damage Type, vector Hit Location) simulated function Tick FX(float Delta Time) { local x Player Replication Info x PRI; local int i, Num Skins; if ( Sim Hit Fx Ticker ! Length,2,4); for ( i=0; i Gib Class, Vector Location, Rotator Rotation, float Gib Perterbation ) simulated function Process Hit FX() simulated function Hide Bone(name bone Name) function Calc Hit Loc( Vector hit Loc, Vector hit Ray, out Name bone Name, out float dist ) function Do Damage FX( Name bone Name, int Damage, class Damage Type, Rotator r ) simulated function Start De Res() simulated function Set Overlay Material( Material mat, float time, bool b Override ) simulated function Tick De Res(float Delta Time) simulated function Tick(float Delta Time) simulated function Post Begin Play() function int Shield Absorb( int damage ) function Play Hit(float Damage, Pawn Instigated By, vector Hit Location, class damage Type, vector Momentum) function bool Check Reflect( Vector Hit Location, out Vector Ref Normal, int Damage ) function name Get Weapon Bone For(Inventory I) event Landed(vector Hit Normal) // ----- animation ----- // simulated function name Get Anim Sequence() simulated function Play Double Jump() simulated event Set Anim Action(name New Action) simulated function Start Firing(bool b Heavy, bool b Rapid) simulated function Stop Firing() simulated function Anim End(int Channel) function Play Weapon Switch(Weapon New Weapon) function Play Victory Animation() simulated function Set Weapon Attachment(x Weapon Attachment New Att) // Event called whenever ragdoll convulses event KSkel Convulse() simulated final function Rand Spin(float spin Rate) simulated function Play Dying(class Damage Type) // jag // Called when in Ragdoll when we hit something over a certain threshold velocity // Used to play impact sounds.

= Hit Fx Ticker ) // do translocate-out effect if( Trans Effect Ticker ! event KImpact(actor other, vector pos, vector impact Vel, vector impact Norm) //jag simulated function Play Directional Death(Vector Hit Loc) simulated function Play Directional Hit(Vector Hit Loc) simulated function Foot Stepping(int Side) function Do Combo( class Combo Class ) simulated function bool Has UDamage() function Client Set UDamage Time(float New UDam) function Enable UDamage(float amount) function Disable UDamage() function Set Weapon Overlay(Material mat, float time, bool override) function Changed Weapon() function Server Changed Weapon(Weapon Old Weapon, Weapon New Weapon) function Set Invisibility(float time) /* Bot Dodge() returns appropriate vector for dodge in direction Dir (which should be normalized) */ function vector Bot Dodge(Vector Dir) function bool Dodge(e Double Click Dir Double Click Move) function Do Double Jump( bool b Updating ) function bool Can Double Jump() function bool Can Multi Jump() function bool Do Jump( bool b Updating ) simulated event Post Net Receive() simulated function Client Restart() simulated function Setup(x Util.

In the Unreal community forums alot of people ask about rootmotion, wallrunning, grabing and ext. My tutorials will cover how I found such solutions to preforming these actions.

My second reason for writing said tutorials is a attempt to get exposure within the community to make a transition form my current job in the Industial feild to Gaming.

Ensures the mesh doesn't have only a T-pose whenever it first springs into view.

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My TC is a little bit broken in that the environment's roughly 2x too big for the characters.var(Sounds) class Trans Effects[2]; var x Weapon Attachment Weapon Attachment; var Shadow Projector Player Shadow; var int Multi Jump Remaining; var int Max Multi Jump; var int Multi Jump Boost; // depends on the tolerance (100) var name Wall Dodge Anims[4]; var name Idle Heavy Anim; var name Idle Rifle Anim; var name Fire Heavy Rapid Anim; var name Fire Heavy Burst Anim; var name Fire Rifle Rapid Anim; var name Fire Rifle Burst Anim; var name Fire Root Bone; var enum EFire Anim State Fire State; var Mesh Skeleton Mesh; var bool b Skeletized; var bool b De Res; var float De Res Time; var Emitter De Res FX; var Material De Res Mat0, De Res Mat1; var(De Res) Interp Curve De Res Lift Vel; // speed (over time) at which body rises var(De Res) Interp Curve De Res Lift Softness; // vertical 'sprinyness' (over time) of bone lifters var(De Res) float De Res Grav Scale; // reduce gravity on corpse during de-res var(De Res) float De Res Lateral Friction; // sideways friction while lifting var(Karma) float Ragdoll Life Span; // MAXIMUM time the ragdoll will be around. var(Karma) float Rag Inv Inertia; // Use to work out how much 'spin' ragdoll gets on death.

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